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--- Individual (standard)

Patriot Travel Medical Insurance®
Individual & family (5 days up to 2 years of coverage)
The Patriot Travel Medical Insurance plans are available to all. With its daily rates this could qualify as Cheap Travel Insurance, but its benefits also place it in the category of the Best Travel Insurance. Coverage can be obtained from a minimum of 5 days up to a maximum of 2 years. Coverage includes medical evacuation, repatriation, your choice of deductibles ($0-$2500) and policy limits ($50,000 - $2,000,000). Using the quote buy link below you can review all of the plan options to see what works the best for you.

The Atlas Series
Visitor medical insurance for individuals while traveling outside their Home Country
If you are going to review or compare visitors and travelers medical insurance plans be sure to include this one. Packages are available from a minimum of 5 days up to 1 year (annual travel insurance). In addition to the travel medical benefits, the Atlas travel insurance plan adds coverage for Emergency Medical Evacuation, some Complications of Pregnancy and a trip interruption coverage.

Liaison International
International Travel Medical Insurance for people traveling outside their Home Country
This holiday insurance is perfect for trips between 5 days and 3 years. Use the quote/buy link below then make adjustments to customize your Trip Insurance plan. You can make it an Annual Travel Insurance plan or use the Monthly renewal option after the initial enrollment period. This is an excellent Backpacker Travel Insurance plan. Immediate coverage is available once you are satisfied with the quotation. Print your ID Card immediately! The plan is underwritten by a U.S. insurance company rated A- "Excellent" by AM Best.

GlobeHopper Senior
Short-term, travel medical insurance for travelers age 65+
The GlobeHopper Senior offers great coverage for those 65 and above. Coverage is available from as little as 5 days to a max of 365 days for Individual Trips. For you seniors that are frequent flyers we have an annual option that covers all the trips you will make in a year (30 day maximum per trip) which takes the worry out of traveling for seniors. This plan features a variety of deductibles ($0-$2,500) as well as a variety of Maximum Limits ($50,000-$1,000,000).

TravMed Choice
TravMed Choice - An International Health Insurance Plan
When you compare travel insurance for individuals or families, this is one that many Travelers select. Medex is known for offering the best travel insurance plans in the world. The TravMed Choice plan is the perfect example of low travel insurance premiums and the best travel insurance benefits. Medical Benefit plans range from a $50,000 medical maximum to a $500,000 medical maximum. Click on Review Coverage and begin to explore all the benefits of a Medex Travel Insurance plan.

Patriot Extreme® Travel Medical Insurance
Patriot Extreme - The adventurous Holiday Travel Insurance
If you need ski insurance or some extreme backpacker travel Insurance with a little bungee jumping thrown in, this is your travel insurance plan. If your Travel holiday insurance needs will include rock climbing or scuba diving, this is your travel Insurance plan. If you compare this plan with any other extreme travel insurance plans, on a coverage for coverage basis, this is the travel insurance plan of choice. Click on the quote/buy link for all the plan details, or download the brochure and compare this plan with any other you have reviewed.

--- Individual (1 year or longer)

Global Medical Insurance®
Individual & family - Annual Travel Insurance
Global Medical Insurance is the ultimate worldwide travel insurance plan. It is an annual travel insurance plan focusing on International travel health insurance. For long term individual or family travel insurance is has no equal. Compare this $5,000,000 medical benefit plan with any other, assuming you simply want the best travel insurance, and this is the plan you will purchase. Click on the quote/buy link below and see just how affordable this visitor annual travel insurance plan is. A monthly payment option is available.

International Citizen Series
International Visitor Insurance - Annual Travel Insurance
The International Citizen Series an annual travel insurance plan focusing on International Health Insurance. If you are making an annual travel insurance comparison, this is one of the must have plans. In addition to the medical benefits, there are options for dental, term Life insurance and additional AD & D coverage. For an annual family travel insurance plan or an annual individual travel insurance program, this is one of the best. Click on the quote/buy link below to get all the facts.

Reside Prime
Reside Prime - Annual International Health Insurance for US expatriates and Global Citizens.
Reside Prime is one of the best annual travel insurance plans for international expatriates or global citizens either traveling often, or for non-US citizens permanently residing in their home country. It is truly an International health insurance plan with the additional benefit of being an annual travel insurance plan as well. Click on the quote/buy link to get all the facts, or to do a travel insurance comparison, download the brochure.

--- Executive

Patriot Executive®
Frequent Flyer Annual Travel Insurance
This annual insurance plan is ideally suited for those who travel frequently such as Business Travelers, Frequent Flyers, Mission Directors and Pastors that travel outside their home country several times a year. There is a 30 day per trip limit, but no limit on the number of trips per year. This is one of the best annual travel insurance plans for International travel on the market today. If you are going to compare annual travel insurance plans, be sure to include this one in your review. Click on the quote/buy link below and get all the facts about this travel medical insurance plan.

Atlas Professional
Multi trip - Annual International travel insurance.
This is one of the best annual travel insurance plans for International travel on the market today. if you are going to do a international travel insurance comparison for multi-trip exposures, this plan deserves a full review. It is backed by one of the best travel insurance companies in the world. This is the plan for Business Travelers, Frequent Flyers, Mission Directors and Pastors that often need travel insurance. It is annual insurance, but with generous trip length limitations.

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