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Travel medical emergency evacuation insurance

These are the 3 best travel medical evacuation insurance plans in the world. There are others, but they are only copies of one of these three plans.

Basic Emergency Travel Assistance Plan - B.E.T.A.
The Basic Emergency Travel Assistance (BETA)
  • Travel Assistance services
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation - $350,000 Scholastic Plan, - $100,000 Public Plan
  • Repatriation - $50,000 Scholastic Plan, - $25,000 Public Plan
  • Political Evacuation - $10,000 Scholastic and Public Plan

BETA is an Evacuation and Repatriation only plan. It provides for emergency medical evacuations, emergency travel assistance, repatriation and a few other minor ancillary coverages. This is one of the cheapest Emergency Medical Evacuation insurance plans in the world. When your student insurance plans calls for an additional evacuation/repatriation policy, this is the one to look for.

The Scholastic Plan starts at just $23.00 for 6 months or $40 for a year. The public plan is $40 and provides coverage for 1 year. This is available to all US and Non US-Citizens alike. Our Emergency Medical Evacuation INCLUDES a Return Home Benefit.



SafeTrip is an emergency medical assistance, evacuation and repatriation program for persons traveling outside of their home country. In addition to fully paying for the cost of a medical evacuation or repatriation, SafeTrip provides you with 24-hour access to emergency medical and travel services ranging from doctor referrals to the coordination of hospitalizations and evacuations. Services also include help for security problems or basic travel problems such as lost document or medication replacement. You can have peace of mind travel protection for as little as $3.50 per day!


In cooperation with BETA, MedjetAssist is pleased to provide information and online enrollment in the MedjetAssist air-medical transport membership program. For home country hospital of choice protection around the world, you may select the annual Classic Medjet membership or the Short Term membership for trips of 8, 15, 21 or 30 days. There are no health questions to enroll (up to age 75) and no deductibles, co-payments or waiting periods. Memberships must be activated prior to your trip departure. For those age 75-84, the Medjet Diamond membership is available by calling Medjet to request your application.

You may call Medjet directly at 1-800-527-7478 to enroll or ask questions.

Please refer to BETA ID#DC8080 when calling.

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